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Cody Isbill’s GODHELM Pin Leftovers

Cody Isbill’s GODHELM Pin Leftovers

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Cody Isbill’s
THE GODHELM (Leftovers)
~~Drop Info~~

When: Saturday, 1/14 @15:00 CST
How much: 60 + 5🛳

[Note: Kssa will not be included due to significant flaw in the leftover, 1 B-grade Jinn will be included]

->Leftovers will be blindbagged<-
—>1pp for the first hour<—

[LE8] OG - Antique Gold, colored by Cody Isbill
[LE11] Luxovios - Anodized, colored by Nick Sanders
[LE3] Hephaestus - Red Electroplate, colored by Spectre
[LE2] Nyx - Dark Blue Electroplate, colored by Colton Howell
[LE2] Tlaloc - Dark Green Electroplate, Colored by Spectre
[LE7] Kssa - Gold, colored by Abby Hall
[LE3] Enlil - Black Nickel, colored by Tina Post
[LE3] Raijin - Silver, colored by Katie Brittingham
[LE3] Cyberdyne - Antique Silver, colored by Spectre
[LE3] Jinn (GV) - Anodized, colored by Spectre

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