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Cody Isbill’s GODHELM Pin Presale

Cody Isbill’s GODHELM Pin Presale

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~{Cody Isbill’s GODHELM}~

This presale is a choose-your-variant presale, presale ends Saturday, 9/24 @ 23:59

Pins will be 3D, 4.5” wide, with various metal platings, glow, and glitter features

There will be at least ONE gift variant produced as well 👀



OG, The Godhelm-

Colored by Cody Isbill, on Antique Gold, white glow
Once a piece of ceremonial headwear used by an advanced ancient civilization to view potential alternate worlds, after thousands of years the Godhelm has gained sentience, and has used its immense knowledge of reality to create a dimension outside of time and space that it controls. No longer a tool, the Godhelm now controls its own future, and the futures of entire realities.


Colored by Spectre, on Antique Silver Metal, yellow & red glow
Cyberdyne is the famed fictional robotics company from The Terminator. The company developed both the T-800 and Skynet, a highly-advanced AI-driven neural network that recognized humanity as a threat to its existence and attempted to exterminate it.



Colored by Spectre, on Dark Green Electroplate, yellow & green glow
Tlaloc was the Aztec god of rain, water, lightning, & growth, and wore a mask with long fangs and goggled eyes. He was seen as both a benevolent god who provided life-giving rain, as well as harsh and unforgiving, sending storms and drought when upset.



Colored by Spectre, on Red Electroplate, yellow & red glow
Hephaestus was the Greek god of fire, blacksmithing, craftsmanship, and technology. He was cast from Mt. Olympus by either Hera or Zeus (depending on the story) which was either because of a lame leg or caused his lame leg. He built chariots and wheeled contraptions to give him mobility with the  other gods and display his ingenuity to them.



Colored by Nick Sanders, on Rainbow Anodized Metal, blue glow, glitter in the black
Luxovios is a fading Celtic God. His iconography is greatly lost to time, but it is believed he was “the torchbearer” and granted initiation into the mysteries of the universe. To gain knowledge of Brixta (a goddess of magic) and her crafts, dedicators must come to her through Luxovios. He would light the way for the worthy, granting the wisdom and the opportunity for the practice of magic.



Colored by Abby Hall, on Gold Metal, white glow, silver glitter details
Kssa is a Lakota deity, the Spirit of knowledge & wisdom. He is the inventor of language, stories, names, games, and the first lodge, in which fire from the solar bison god Wi was placed at the center.



Colored by Katie Brittingham, on Silver Metal, white glow, glitter in black
Raijin is a Japanese god of thunder, lightning, and storms. He is often regarded as mischievous and depicted as having a fierce & frightening face, and playing taiko drums with hammers in both hands. He is sometimes portrayed with 3 fingers on his hands which are said to represent the past, present, and future.



Colored by Tina Post, on Black Nickel, green glow, glitter in eyes & orb
 Enlil was a Sumerian god who was said to have cleaved the Earth from the Heavens, making it habitable for humans. He was commonly associated with wind, air, earth, and storms.


Colored by Colton Howell, on Dark Blue Electroplate, blue glow, black glitter
Nyx was an Ancient Greek goddess of Night who was usually envisioned as the substance of night, a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the shining blue light of Aether, the heavens. Aether was one of her children, as was, Day, the Three Fates, Dreams, Death, Strife, Pain, Destiny, Blame, Deceit, Destruction, Aging, and Friendship.

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