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CORNERED.01 Salted Ano Extras (Singles & Sets)

CORNERED.01 Salted Ano Extras (Singles & Sets)

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Once winter sets in, the streets, cars, and walkways get coated in a fine layer of salt, giving everything a chalky appearance, speckled with white.

This variant of CORNERED.01 features a sandblasted rainbow anodized finish and white enamel with white glow.

Use these to ornament the corners of your board, create frames within the frame, or highlight your favorite pins.

Limited Edition of 40 Sold as singles and sets of 4 (

Shown next to the LE24 Anodized variant)

》During my planet-hopping escapades, I stayed and stowed away on both cargo and passenger ships. The ornamentation on the passenger ships had some of the most amazing variety though, with every culture and species having its own clear aesthetic tastes and distinct styles.《

》At one point I stowed in the lower quarters of a very old-seeming alien ship. All of the door frames had corners and trim with beautifully simple details and glowing bulbs that seemed more bioluminescent than electrical. (Maybe as emergency lighting?)《

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