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Palucursor Presale

Palucursor Presale

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Partial presale for the Palucursor

14 variants + 2 Gift Variants

This piece is 5" long and 6mm thick with beautiful 3D metal and glow in every variant 👽

Variants will be blind-bagged by Right and Left Facing as separate listings

**One full set plus GV available**

Presale will run until Wednesday, June 1

{Main sale drop price will be $55}


LE10s - Bog Runner (OG) -Matte Blue Electroplate -Yellow Glow

LE9s - Voided (Right Facing) & Salted (Left Facing) -Anodized and matte ano finishes, respectively -Blue & White glow respectively

LE8s - Vapor -Teal electroplating -Red & Blue glow -Glitter claws

LE7s - Stealth -Shiny & matte black nickel -Red & Yellow glow

LE6s - Sketchy -Antique silver metal -Multicolor glows

LE5s - Toxic -Bright green electroplate -White & Blue glow -Full glitter fills

LE4s - Glimpse -Rose gold -Blue & Green glow

LE3 GIFT VARIANTS - ????? -???? -????

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